Kyle Harris On His Season And Recruitment

Pepperell High School offensive lineman Kyle Harris was scheduled to attend the Georgia Tech – South Carolina state game but was unable to attend due to a change in family plans. Kyle updates us on his senior season and some of the things he's working on before he enrolls at Georgia Tech.

Kyle Harris's plans to attend Tech's opening game changed when his parents were unable to attend the game with him. "My parents were out of town and they were going to go with me," said Harris. "It was something that came up at the last minute so we had to make changes to our plans." Harris plans on being at the remainder of the home games and will also try to make it to some of the away games.

The schools that were recruiting Harris prior to his commit to Georgia Tech continue to recruit him. "I get hand-written stuff from Tennessee, South Carolina, Purdue, Ole Miss and Southern Mississippi all the time," said Harris. "They haven't called me and if they did it would be awkward talking to them as I'm firmly committed to Georgia Tech." Harris is looking for a way to let them know that he appreciates them calling but that he is going to attend Georgia Tech. "I know that time will come so I'm preparing myself for it."

Like some of his fellow commits, Harris is keeping in touch with those committed and those interested in Tech. "I talk with Vad Lee a lot and he says he wants the best class to come to Tech and he's working a lot of other recruits," said Harris. "I try to get the Tech name out there but since football season started I've been focused on getting better and working on what the coaches want from us."

Pepperell opened the season with a close loss to Cartersville and another loss to Calhoun. "My coach said I played well in the first game and I had 13 pancake blocks and graded out to an 86."

Harris is already preparing for his first year at Georgia Tech. "I'm working on getting my strength to a higher level and gaining weight." Harris doesn't want to gain just any weight. He wants to make sure he gains the right weight. "I want to be able to add pounds but still get better with my speed." Thus far, Kyle has been able to add twenty pounds and lower his forty time. "I am also working on my ability to stay low with my blocks as the low man wins the battle." Battle hopes that when he gets to Georgia Tech he can show the coaches that he has been serious about his game and that he has been doing what they feel will make him a better player. Top Stories