Mfon Udofia Working To Return to Tourney

Georgia Tech guard Mfon Udofia learned a lot from his freshman season. With the beginning of practice for the upcoming season not far off, Mfon is anxious to put to use some of the things he learned in his first season.

Mfon Udofia's first season at Georgia Tech went as he expected. "I had my ups and downs as a freshman like most freshmen do so it was pretty much as I expected." For Udofia, the ups included playing in the ACC. "I thought I played pretty well but towards the end things started to slow down and I hit the freshman wall." Facing better competition contributed to Mfon hitting that wall.

Having his minutes cut back also contributed to some of the downs for his first season. "When your minutes are cut back it plays mind tricks with you."

At the end of his first season, Mfon sat down with Coach Paul Hewitt to discuss areas of improvement. "We sat down over the summer and he told me where I needed to improve and I've been working hard all summer on those improvements."

One area that Mfon has been working on is his strength. "I've been in the weight room a lot because the ACC is tough and you need an ACC body to play against the Dukes, the Carolinas, and the Wakes." Udofia feels that he's in good condition and has added seven pounds.

The late season run by the Jackets in the ACC tournament helped prepare the freshmen for the upcoming season. "I don't want to get there my freshman year and not get there my remaining three years." The freshmen know they have to work even harder now to get back there each year. "Making the run in the ACC tournament and playing in the NCAA tournament was fun."

Mfon and his teammates are preparing for the upcoming season knowing that they won't have the inside game they had last season. "We've been doing a lot of running because we lost Gani (Lawal) and Derrick (Favors) so we'll have to do a lot of running and be able to defend."

The team has been playing a lot of pickup over the summer working with the new motion offense and pushing the ball up and down the court. The point guards have been the vocal leaders.

The team will be employing more guards this season and they all know they have to get after it. "When we get tired we know we'll have someone who can come in and keep up the pace," said Mfon." We'll have a pretty good rotation.

The team will have two inside men who sat out last season. Daniel Miller and Kam Hosley will be taking the court for the first time in their Tech careers. "They're looking real good," said Mfon. "Kam is coming back from the ACL and he's looking even stronger than before and Daniel sitting out has helped him because he's gotten tougher."

In Mfon's eyes, Kam has been the biggest surprise thus far. "He's been working real hard." Freshman Jason Morris has also fit in well with the team. "He has great size and he can defend." Mfon has advised Morris to stay focused because it's a long season and every game counts.

Mfon and his teammates have been working on a vigorous summer conditioning program. The players got a taste of success in the ACC tournament last season and are working toward getting back to the NCAA tournament again this season. Top Stories