Stephon Tuitt Makes Surprise Commit

Stephon Tuitt long thought as a solid Georgia Tech lean made a surprise announcement today. Stephon committed to Notre Dame after making a visit up to South Bend this past weekend. Tuitt talks about the change and the reasons he picked Notre Dame.

The trip to Notre Dame was a good one for Stephon Tuitt and he decided to commit to Notre Dame. "I told the coaches at Notre Dame I will be coming there next year."

The decision was a surprise to those that have been following Tuitt's recruiting. "The visit was much better than I thought it would be," said Tuitt. "I went up there with an open mind not thinking I was favoring any school and went with the idea of giving Notre Dame the chance to show me what they're all about." Tuitt and his mom drove to South Bend last Thursday and toured the city on their own to get a feel for what it was like there. "On Friday we started our official visit and had a chance to see the academics and that really blew my mom away." Stephon also toured the school and talked with the students and players at Notre Dame. "They all told me how great it is there and how much they liked it."

Tuitt went to the game on Saturday and had a chance to talk to the recruits and get a feel for the program. "The trip was so much more than I expect," said Tuitt. "Every place I went while I was there I kept asking myself if I could see myself there and the answer was yes."

There was a combination of factors that led to Stephon's decision. "They offer my major at Notre Dame." Tuitt wants to go into orthopedics and they have that major at Notre Dame. "The atmosphere at South Bend was great and I really love the coaching staff and that helped a lot."

Tuitt has begun the job of telling the other schools of his decision. "It was especially tough calling Coach (Andy) McCollum at Georgia Tech," said Tuitt. "He and I really bonded and he is like a role model or mentor to me and it was very, very tough telling him that I wasn't coming to Georgia Tech." Until the Notre Dame visit, Tuitt was almost positive that he was going to select Georgia Tech. "Coach McCollum is a great guy and a great coach but I made my decision and now I am set."

The question everyone is asking is his commitment a solid one. "I went up to Notre Dame with an open mind and was blown away by everything so I feel this decision is solid," said Tuitt. "It was a tough decision but one I knew I was sure of and I made it." Top Stories