Jonathan Battle Back On The Battlefield

Americus-Sumter defensive tackle Jonathan Battle has endured a lot in making his way back from a serious knee injury. The coaches at Americus-Sumter originally had planned to keep Jonathan out of the first game but when the time came, he was on the field.

Getting out there and playing after being away from the game for so long felt great to Jonathan Battle. "I feel that I am finally getting back to my old self, said Battle. "Originally I was told that I wouldn't play until game two of the season but I've worked hard enough and done well enough that the coaches, doctors, and trainers cleared me to play in the first game of the season." Battle felt rusty his first time out but he feels he'll get closer to the way he used to play as he gets his legs back.

Battle approached the first game as if he'd never been injured. "I didn't worry about hurting myself and I went out and played as hard as I could for as long as I could." Battle found out that good conditioning and playing in the game isn't always the same thing. "I know I have a ways to go to get back to my old ways but I know I can get there."

Now that everyone knows that he's playing again, Battle has begun to get some visitors. "Georgia Southern watched me play and they offered me a scholarship." Jonathan also got a visit from Georgia Tech. "Coach (Charles) Kelly came by when we played Cook County and watched me play," said Battle. "That was one of the first games and I hadn't got my legs back so I feel he hasn't seen me play at my best so far this year." The coaches will be sending film on Battle's last game to Georgia Tech.

Battle was happy to get that first offer from Georgia Southern. "It feels really good that I have the first offer but I am working hard so that at the end of the year I will have several more offers and hopefully one will be from Georgia Tech."

Jonathan has spent most of his time playing defensive tackle but has also lined up as a defensive end. "I love playing tackle but if it helps the team playing end its okay with me." Battle has been told by the coaches to get used to playing tackle. Top Stories