Zach Laskey High On Georgia Tech

Running back Zach Laskey has gotten off to a strong start this season for Starr's Mill. He's hoping that the beginning of the evaluation period will lead to his getting some offers. Laskey recently attended Georgia Tech's opening game against South Carolina State.

Zach Laskey and his teammates are excited about the great start to their season. "We're 3-0 and that great and now we have Upson Lee up next to go to 4-0." Laskey is also happy with the way he's started the season. "I have 51 carries for 391 yards." Zach has set records for single game rushing yardage with 218 yards and all-purpose yards with 391. The single game records also included 2 punt returns for 101 yards. "I have really enjoyed the start to the season."

Zach has been spending his weekends attending college games. "I have attended one so far and that was at Georgia Tech for the opening game of their season." Laskey met with his recruiting coach "Buzz" Preston at the game. "He told me they were looking at me hard during the evaluation period and they like what they have seen so far." Preston will be coming to some of Laskey's home games to see how hard he plays and how he handles himself during the games. "He told me to work hard and the rest would take care of itself."

Georgia Tech is one of the schools that Zach will be looking at closely. "They are definitely in my top five and in fact Georgia Tech is a school I'd really want to play for in college." While an offer may lead to a commit, he would not commit on the spot. "I'd have to let the other schools know where I stand and then make a decision." Laskey is waiting for his first offer and he knows that the first offer would be a special one. "I could see myself at Georgia Tech if they were to offer.

Laskey has nine or ten schools that have been contacting him. "I hear the most from Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Middle Tennessee, Air Force, Navy and a few others."

The trip to Georgia Tech for their opening game will not be the only time he'll be on campus this season. "I will probably make one or two Georgia Tech games," said Zach. "I'm not sure which ones but I know be to a few." Zach will also be going to Central Florida. He's being recruited there by ex Tech player Brent Key. Traveling to see Middle Tennessee is also a possibility. "I'm not sure if I'll make any more than these three schools."

Laskey and Coach Preston haven't decided on a definite position if he were to play for Georgia Tech. "I would come in as a B Back with the chance to play A Back." Zach plays both fullback and tailback in high school so he would feel comfortable in either position in Tech's offense.

Zach has not decided on a date to make a decision about his college choice. "I think I'll be waiting until I feel I've gotten all the offers I can get and then make a decision." If Georgia Tech makes the first offer it would be hard for another school to beat them. "I really like them but I guess the best thing for me to do is to wait and see what happens and not make a hurried decision." Top Stories