Chris Milton Talks Commitment

Highly rated athlete Chris Milton from Charlton County High School previously had three schools among his favorites - Wake Forest, Tennessee, and Kentucky. On Thursday he made a surprise announcement that he had a made a verbal commitment to Georgia Tech.

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Georgia Tech has been recruiting Chris for a while now. Until recently, he seemed to favor the other schools. talked with Chris to see how recent events led him to commit to Georgia Tech.

Chris I understand you made a verbal commitment to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I did. I called Coach Owens yesterday to let him know that I wanted to commit and that Georgia Tech was the place I wanted to commit to for college."

It has been reported that you were favoring Wake Forest, Tennessee, and North Carolina, how did Georgia Tech enter back into your recruitment?

"Well I have been talking with Coach Owens a lot. We have gotten real close over the past few months and I really like him and can relate to him as he is a younger coach. He really did a good job of building a good bond between us and showed me a lot of things about Georgia Tech that made me see them in a better way. Also, I have been talking with BJ Bostic and a couple of other players on the team. BJ and I talked a lot. He told me how great it was up there in Atlanta and that they were building a great team under Coach Johnson. That got me to thinking more about Georgia Tech. Add that in with me having a lot family in the Atlanta area, I just felt it was time to make a decision and everything added up to Georgia Tech."

With you being a quarterback and Coach Owens telling you that they want you as an A-Back, was that a draw back?

"No sir, not at all. I am considered an athlete and I will play the position that will get me on the field the quickest to help out my team. I've played running back a lot before so A-back will not be a completely new position for me. Even if it was I really like the idea of going to Atlanta and play for the Yellow Jackets. Looking at everything in my recruitment, Georgia Tech was the place for me to be and I made that decision. So, a position change would not be something that would hold me back from committing to Georgia Tech."

You said you talked to Coach Owens about your commitment, have you talked with Coach Johnson?

"No sir, not just yet. When I called, he was in a meeting. But when I was talking with Coach Owens, I told him that I'd like to bring my parents up to met him and see the campus and school. So we are all coming for the North Carolina State game next weekend. It will be exciting to be up there knowing that is where I will be going to college and having my parents see it, too."

Since this decision seemed to come quickly are you 100% solid on your decision?

"Yes sir I am. I am 100% sure of this and I am through with my recruiting. I will call the coaches of the other schools or tell them when they call me that I am done and that I am going to go to Georgia Tech. I know it seems like I made a quick decision but I talked it over with my family and head coach a lot and we all felt like this was the best fit for me and that Georgia Tech was the right place for me to go to college and get an education and play football."

Did the other state school, Georgia, make an offer to you?

"I think we just kind of stop talking. They wanted me to come back up there for a camp or a visit. The weekend they wanted me to come was a weekend that I had a commitment with my high school team. So it was something of a mutual parting of the ways if you will. They went in a different direction and I went with what I felt was the best for me." Top Stories