Senior Mo Miller looks to be leader .

Maurice Miller feels that this group should benefit from the running game and should get a lot of easy buckets.

Senior Georgia Tech guard Maurice Miller returns for his senior season in a year in which the guards will be the focal point of the Tech offense. Miller talks about preparing for his final season and his expectations for the team.

The main thing Miller and his teammates have been doing to prepare for the upcoming season involves conditioning and running. "There's been a lot of running and getting prepared to make the transition from having dominant big guys to being more guard oriented," said Miller. "We've been working on getting our wind together so that we can run all forty minutes." The conditioning this year has been rougher in the players' minds and they're working at a more rapid pace. The team has also been working on eating right to get their bodies ready for the season.

Miller is entering his fourth season and is doing all he can to make the last season a good one. "I've been thinking about what more I could go through and I've found that this year has been the toughest I've gone through and we're not even through it yet." Miller and his teammates are ready to run with anybody.

Mo likes the fact that he Iman Shumpert, and Mfon Udofia could all be on the court at the same time. "I think it's great because all three of us can dribble and you don't have to go to the ball every time." Miller and his fellow guards hope to put a lot of pressure on the opposing teams.

With the size disadvantage will the team use some zone defense this season? "We may use some but for the most part it will be getting your man and guard him and getting it done. Along with the conditioning to accomplish that the team is also working on mental toughness. "We hope to be in better shape than the opposing team and use that advantage to run them off the court and make them tired."

The Jackets will have five players returning for their second season in the program. There's one thing that Mo has noticed about them. "Maturity, when you first come in your eyes are big and you go through a learning phase," said Miller. Once you go through it, you start maturing and you recognize things and you start to grow." Miller expects that maturity to make their stand out more this season.

Miller and his teammates hope to grow on their strong finish last season but they realize that this is a new season and they have to start over. "We hope to carry some of that over and with the maturity of the younger players we hope to learn from our mistakes last season." With the plan to be a running team, depth will be an issue for that to be a success. Miller feels that they have the depth to be successful this season. "We have a lot of guards and with the way we're training now we can give it our all and we can put in fresh subs and they can give it their all so you're not missing a beat." The players are ready to go as hard as they can for as long as they can. They'll be playing with intensity and hope to keep constant pressure on the opposing teams.

The Jackets have four new players that hope to contribute to the team this season. Freshman Jason Morris and Nate Hicks and redshirt freshmen Kam Holsey and Daniel Miller will be making their debut for the Jackets. "Kam is a very energetic and explosive player and once he plays some games he'll understand the pace of the game, I think he'll do very well. Daniel has the pace already but just needs to get a little tougher but he's real solid around the rim. Hicks is the same as Daniel and they can run and get up and down the court, rebound and run. Jason is more explosive than I thought and he can jump out of the gym." Miller feels that this group should benefit from the running game and should get a lot of easy buckets.

Another positive addition to the team this season is the addition of Coach Robert McCullum to the staff. "He knows the game, he's smart, and he talks to you in the way you feel you should be talked to and that motivates you." Miller feels that McCullum will be a big key to the team's success this season.

The Georgia Tech fans will see a new team this season. The team will be guard oriented; they'll be pushing the ball and playing in your face defense. The maturation of the sophomore players and the addition of four new faces brings optimism to a team that is looking to show everyone that this may not be a down year for Georgia Tech basketball. Top Stories