The Home Stretch for Julian Royal

Julian Royal is in the home stretch of his recruiting with three schools, including Georgia Tech, remain in the mix. The 6-8 power forward from 5-A Georgia State champion, Milton, expects to pick his school during the third week of October.

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Along with his family, he visited the Tech campus this weekend as part of the process and his dad, Charles, who is coordinating his recruitment, talked about the visit.

Charles and his family spent a whirlwind weekend at Georgia Tech. "It was just great," said Charles. "Being so close to Tech's campus, I found myself in the car going back and forth to Alpharetta to pickup family and by the end of the weekend we were worn out."

Charles dropped Julian off at Tech Thursday evening and then returned home because Julian's sister is still in school. "Friday all three of us went back to Tech for a wonderful dinner with Coach (Paul) Hewitt, his wife, Darryl LaBarrie and his wife, Willie Reese, Coach (Robert) McCullom, and members of the staff."

Saturday the Royals went to Coach Hewitt's for dinner. "We had dinner with a number of his staff and spouses and Coach (Peter) Zaharis," said Charles. "Needless to say, we had plenty of great food."

Julian also had a chance to be around the players. "His host was Mfon Udofia and I must say they were an impressive group."

Saturday the Royals attended the Georgia Tech-North Carolina State football game. "We had lunch in one of the boxes and the moved to our seats to watch the game." Charles and Coach Hewitt spent a lot of time talking about New York. "We're about the same age and we spent a lot of time talking about places in New York that we had been around the same time and that was amazing."

The Royals also had a chance to see a lot of places on campus and meet some people involved with Tech athletics. "President Peterson was especially interesting talking about being a college athlete, a student at Tech and how to survive the schedule."

After meeting with the President, the Royals met with athletic director Dan Radakovich. "He talked about Tech's commitment to athletics," said Charles. "We saw the new practice facility and he told us that should Julian commit to Tech the coliseum would be undergoing a makeover and games that year will be played at Phillips Arena and maybe some at Gwinnett Convention Center with Tech games possibly as part of a doubleheader with the Atlants Hawks."

Charles laughed when asked if Coach Hewitt had told them that Julian was a top priority. "He told him and us many times and we heard it again as things wrapped up on Sunday morning with a presentation."

Next for the Royals will be an official visit to Wake Forest on October 9th. "Coach Hewitt is coming out again and Coach (Mark) Fox will be back for a visit on October 2nd." The Royals hope to have some kind of an event with his teammates announcing their commitment.

Julian is not ready to name a favorite. "We'll evaluate each after all the trips and visits are completed," said Charles. "I must admit, looking over the Atlanta skyline and the uniqueness of Tech's in-town campus was very impressive but each campus and staff provides a very impressive background."

Should we read anything into Wake being the final visit? The Royals scheduled Wake last because it's the furthest from home. "Coach Hewitt has picked up the phone to be first on everything - and last." Georgia was easy to schedule as they are fairly close to home.

Julian doesn't have any plans to notify the chosen school before his announcement. "This has been a wonderful experience and we want Julian to get the most out of it and that may be part of the process."

Charles knows no school will be 100% (perfect), but they have three outstanding programs with great records of placing or being in the NBA and Julian will make the call on the one that best suits him. Top Stories