Jerry Mathis - GT Still on Top?

Rockdale County lineman Jerry Mathis made the trip to Atlanta last weekend to watch Georgia Tech play North Carolina State. Jerry had a surprise visit from the North Carolina State coaching staff the day before the game. Did that visit have any effect on Jerry's recruitment? We found out that answer when we talked to Jerry.

Jerry Mathis - Profile

The season for Rockdale County hasn't started out the way Mathis would have liked. "We are 2-3 right now but we feel that we can pull together and make a good run for the play offs. I am playing both sides of the ball and I feel I am doing very well so far this year."

Mathis made the trip to Atlanta for the early game time start on a very hot day. "It was a very hot day but it was a good time too despite Tech losing." The game did nothing to change Jerry's view of Georgia Tech. "They are the school I'm most interested in and I would like to go there if I can."

The day before the game Jerry got a surprise visit at his school from the North Carolina State coaches. "I know they were the first school to start actively recruit me but I hadn't heard much from them lately," said Mathis. "It was a nice surprise but Georgia Tech is still my top team despite the visit from their coaches."

In addition to watching the Tech- North Carolina State game, Mathis had a chance to talk to the Tech coaches. "They are still looking at me very hard and have said they like what they see." Tech is looking at Mathis as a guard on offense and a defensive end on defense. "They are looking at my film and may come by to see me play in person to get a better feel of which place suits me best on the team." Mathis feels that once they make up their mind on his position, he might be getting an offer. "I really hope so."

There is no doubt in Jerry's mind what would happen next if he were to get an offer. "I wouldn't wait," said Mathis. "I'd go ahead and commit right away." Georgia Tech has always been at the top of Jerry's list. "I feel they fit me academically and on the football field."

The Tech coaches are looking at Jerry on both sides of the ball but he may have a preference. "At first I really didn't care however, since the summer camps where I played exclusively on defense I grew into liking that side of the ball a lot." Mathis was quick to say that if Tech offered him as an offensive guard that is where he'd be glad to play. "I will play wherever they like if it will get me to Tech and get me on the field."

Georgia Tech isn't the only school Mathis has been hearing from since the summer camps. "I heard from Duke for a while but they haven't sent much lately but North Carolina State has been recruiting me hard again as well as Memphis and Western Kentucky." Georgia is another school that had been sending Mathis mail but they haven't been in touch with him much lately.

Jerry's trip to the Tech game is the only one of two games he's attended this season. "I've been concentrating on getting better for my high school team." Mathis also went to Georgia State's opening game. "It was fun and I enjoyed seeing them win." Mathis had plans to attend the Georgia Tech-Virginia game but he'll be taking the SAT that weekend. "I know I will be going to the Georgia Tech-Miami game and I wanted to go to the Georgia game but the game is in Athens so I doubt I will attend the game." Top Stories