Cooper Close to Narrowing List

DeMatha Catholic (Maryland) defensive lineman Darian Cooper has received attention from schools across country. Cooper hopes to narrow his list to five in the near future and will be visiting those five schools in December.

The start of his senior football season hasn't been the way Darian Cooper expected it to be. "I can tell you it has been frustrating for all of us as a team," said Darian. "We have talented players but it seems we haven't come together as a team." Cooper and his teammates are 3-2 coming off a bad loss to Gonzaga. "Still, we have our goal which is to reach the playoffs and win the championship." DeMatha goes up against Good Counsel and defensive back Blake Countess this Friday.

There haven't been any major changes in Cooper's recruitment other than getting mail from Florida and Boston College. Both schools have told Darian that they are watching his film and that they will be coming to see him play.

The schools that have offered Darian are staying in touch with him on a regular basis. "The coaches at both Georgia Tech and Michigan have been in contact with me in the past few days telling me how much they want me at their school." Cooper has been asked by Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh to come to Atlanta for an official visit on December 11th. "I plan on doing that provided my schedule works out," said Cooper. "I like Coach Groh a lot and Georgia Tech is a school that I'm very interested in attending."

Cooper has a list of seven schools that he's hearing from more than others. "I'm hearing from Georgia Tech, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Maryland and UCLA quite a bit." Cooper didn't hesitate when asked which schools were recruiting him the hardest. "I'd say Georgia Tech, Michigan, and Michigan State are recruiting me the hardest."

Darian has also been hearing from a commit to one of those schools. "Vad Lee, a quarterback from North Carolina, has talked to me about how much he loves Tech and how he would love for me to come in with him." Cooper thinks it's great that other recruits think enough of him that they'd want him in the same class with them. "UCLA has been serious in their recruitment but I'd still say the other three teams are working harder to get me to their school."

The next step for Darian will be to narrow down his list of schools. "I really need to take some time and sit down and start looking at trimming my list of schools to five." The five will be the ones that he'll be taking official visits to in December. "I haven't been to any games this year because I've been working hard to improve myself as a player and working hard to help get my school better each week." Practicing and school work have been taking up most of Darian's time. "After the season I can start worrying about how my recruitment will shape up." Top Stories