Harrison Davis: A Son of a Tech Legend

Harrison Davis is the son of NFL and Georgia Tech legend, John Davis. While Harrison has big shoes to fill, he is making his own name at Walton High school. The 2012 recruit is already getting serious looks from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

Davis is a junior that plays on both sides of the ball for Walton High School in Atlanta. "I'm 6'3"-247 and I play both left guard on the offensive side of the ball and defensive tackle and end on the defensive side of the ball."

Harrison has several traits that he feels will help him play division one football. "I have good footwork, can set myself well, and I can reset to block too," said Davis. "I have the ability to get to the linebackers and square up with them and not have to dive at them to get a block on them." Defensively, Davis feels he has a good pass rush and controls the offensive linemen well.

He also has some things he's working on to improve. "I want to be able to improve my technique on defeating my man when he makes a hard inside rush and I'm really working on that part of my game."

Davis has four schools that he feels are recruiting him the hardest. "Georgia Tech, Auburn, Minnesota are the four schools I hear from the most." Davis has also heard from Florida and Oklahoma State has asked him to visit. "I have an ex-teammate that signed with them last year and he says it is great out there."

With his dad considered a legend at Georgia Tech, does Harrison want to follow in his footsteps or make his own identity? "Georgia Tech is a school I'm very much interested in; however, I am keeping an open mind and will give each school the same consideration."

Handling the pressure of following in his dad's footsteps is one thing that Harrison is not worried about. "I know there would be a lot of pressure but I can handle the pressure," said Harrison. "I know there would be big shoes to fill but I feel that I could do it if I attended Tech." Harrison also feels it would be an honor to carry on the Davis tradition at Georgia Tech if Tech were his choice.

Davis hasn't begun to think very much about the upcoming Junior Days, but he does know where he might be going if invited. "I haven't given it much thought but I do know that it is by invitation and I feel I will be going to the ones at Georgia Tech, Auburn, and South Carolina."

Harrison has attended several games at some of the schools recruiting him. "I have been to the Georgia Tech games with North Carolina State and Virginia and to the Auburn- Louisiana-Monroe game." Harrison will be attending the Auburn game on November 6th and he's invited to all the home games at Georgia Tech. "I will be going to the Miami game on November 13th.

Davis is being recruited at Georgia Tech by Tech quarterback and B Back coach Brian Bohannon. "We have a great relationship and I like all the coaches on the Tech staff," said Harrison. "Coach (Todd) Spencer is a crazy, funny guy who is great and knows his football."

With Auburn, Georgia Tech, Minnesota and South Carolina recruiting him, it seems the schools closest to his school are the ones recruiting him the hardest. Minnesota is a school he's consider visiting but the distance from home is something he is considering.

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