Glen Rice Looks To Be Important Piece In 2010

Georgia Tech sophomore Glen Rice will be one of the players Coach Paul Hewitt will be looking at to make a significant jump from his freshman to sophomore year. The summer results look as though Rice is ready to accept that role. Glen feels that he and his teammates are ready to pick up where they left off at the end of last season.

The loss of Derrick Favors, Gani Lawal, and Zach Peacock has opened the door for Glen Rice and his teammates to pick up the rebounding slack this upcoming season. "I'm going to be out there trying and boxing out because that's going to be the key," said Rice. "You don't need to be 6'10" or 6'11" because if you're boxing out the ball will come to you."

The loss of the frontcourt players will also mean a change in the way Tech will run their offense this season and that style of play on both ends of the court should fit in well with Glen's athleticism. "I think it will work for everyone on the team since we're not as big this year," said Rice. "The run and go will work real well."

Rice and his fellow sophomores Mfon Udofia and Brian Oliver are starting to see a difference from last season to where they are now." It's the little things that we know now like not wasting so much energy like sprinting to the help line instead of hugging your man and then having to sprint over to the help line."

Like his fellow teammates Rice commented on the conditioning program in the off season that has prepared them for the upcoming season. "I can't compare it to last year because I didn't go through it but it's been real rough this year." Rice feels that he and his teammates are in better shape than they've ever been. "I'm able to run longer up and down the court without having to hold on to my knees."

Rice will be joined this season by two members of his recruiting class that sat out last season for different reasons. Kammeon Holsey sat out last season to rehab his knee and Daniel Miller practiced with the team while he got in the weight room to get stronger. "Kammeon is working real hard in the workouts and he should be a big help." Rice also likes what he sees from Miller. "Big Jake (Miller) has improved a lot from last season with his shooting and footwork."

Along with the conditioning program, Rice also worked on different facets of his game. "I tried to improve my ball handling and not wasting so much energy on defense." The staff has been working with Glen to get lower on defense. This has also involved his working with the trainers to get treatment on his knees so he's able to do that.

With the off-season behind him, Rice was anxious for the practices to start. "I couldn't wait for the basketball play after all the conditioning." Glen hasn't paid attention to the schedule for the upcoming season. He's just looking forward to playing. "Most of my teammates are the same way."

Rice and his teammates made a strong run at the end of last season getting to the finals of the ACC tourney and making it to the second round of the NCAA tourney. Rice feels this will have a positive effect on this year's team. "It's a new season but we have that as our goal and we feel we can get back to the same place that we finished last year."

Playing in the final game of the ACC tourney was something that Rice and his fellow freshmen weren't sure what to expect. "Being a freshman at the time I had nothing to compare it to and I felt that was the way the season was supposed to go." Top Stories