James Deloach Likes To Hit

Jenkins County High School (GA) athlete James Deloach will be one of the players to keep an eye on in the 2012 recruiting class in the state of Georgia. Deloach is already getting attention from schools around the country. His position at the next level may depend on what defensive scheme his college choice plays.

The 6'2"-245 lb. athlete has been playing both defensive end and tight end for Jenkins County. Which position does James Deloach prefer? I love playing defensive end and the schools recruiting me are recruiting me on the defensive side of the ball." Teams that play the traditional 4-3 would line James up at defensive end while teams that play a 3-4 like him as a linebacker.

The scheme a school plays will not be a factor in Deloach's decision. "I don't have a preference because I can be a pass rusher as an outside linebacker and drop back into pass coverage from the defensive end." Deloach's only preference is to play on the defensive side of the ball.

Deloach is receiving interest from schools in the South, Midwest and the West. "I'm getting mail, texts, and talk to coaches from schools like Oregon, Stanford, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, and Nebraska in addition to most of the ACC and SEC schools."

Two of those schools are paying him the most attention right now. "Georgia Tech and Tennessee are really hitting me hard and Georgia Tech just offered me." Deloach received a verbal offer from his recruiting coach Mike Sewak. James has also received an offer from Tennessee. "I am very interested in both as well as Georgia," said Deloach. "Those three schools are the ones that I hear from or get the most stuff from so far."

Deloach is not ready to name those three schools as his favorites. "It's very early in my recruitment and I need to see how much interest each school has in me and what kind of relationship I develop with the coaches, players, and the school itself over the next year." Deloach doesn't have any favorites and is wide open at this time.

Although there are still four games left in the regular college season, Deloach only has plans to attend one more game. "The last one on my agenda is the Georgia Tech-Miami game in Atlanta on the 13th of November," said Deloach. "Other than that one, I am done for the season as far as going to see college games."

James has an idea of what he would like to major in once he gets to college. "I'd like to go into a major that could lead me to becoming a radiologist or sports medicine after I finish playing college ball."

His recruitment is in the beginning stages but James likes what he sees thus far. "I'm really enjoying it to be honest," said James. "I like talking with the coaches and recruiting services and each time I learn more about how it works." Deloach is taking the questions asked of him by the recruiting services and asking the same of the coaches he talks with. "This only happens once and if you handle it like you should, it should be fun for you."

Deloach feels his best trait as a player is his high motor. "I am very active on the field and I am aggressive and love to hit." James is also quick off the snap and is quick at getting to the ball carrier or the quarterback.

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