Mike Madaras: Playing Hard All the Time

Good Counsel has produced division one talent over the past few years and junior lineman Michael Madaras is another recruit that is getting interest from division one schools. The 6'6"-270 recruit has gotten interest from schools across the country.

Profile - Mike Madaras

Madaras has seen action on both sides of the ball for Good Counsel. "I mainly play left tackle but I am in the rotation on the defensive line." Madaras mainly sees action on the defensive side of the ball against running teams.

While he plays on both sides of the ball Madaras is primarily being recruited as an offensive lineman. "That is what I'm being told by the schools that are recruiting me."

Madaras has a long list of schools that are showing him interest. "I'm hearing from Pittsburgh, Stanford, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Penn State, North Carolina State, Purdue, and Notre Dame," said Madaras. "I know I am leaving out some schools but these are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head right now."

Six of the schools that are showing interest in Madaras have given him verbal offers. "Georgia Tech, Pitt, Maryland, Stanford, Rutgers, and North Carolina State all have offered." All those schools are recruiting Madaras hard but he feels that Maryland and Pitt are recruiting him the hardest.

Madaras has one thing in mind when selecting a school. "The main thing I'm looking for is for me to get a good degree and I want a degree that means something." Michael is looking to be chemistry major.

It's still early in his recruitment and Michael has decided on a definite time for making his decision. "I am open to either deciding before my senior year starts or even waiting later in the season but if I had to pinpoint it I feel I would wait until sometime during my senior year of play before making a decision."

Mixing it up in the trenches is one of Madaras' strong points. "I love to hit and I don't back down from contact," said Madaras. "I don't like the defensive player getting the best of me and I play hard until the whistle blows."

Madaras is still looking to improve all phases of his game. "If I had to choose one thing to improve it would be upper body strength." Look for Michael's recruitment to be a hotly contested one. He already has a strong list of schools looking at him and more are expected to join the chase.

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