Nick Patti Weighing His Options

Dr. Phillips High School (Orlando, Florida) quarterback Nick Patti is getting interest from schools around the country. This 2012 recruit is being pursued by many schools that run a variation of the option or spread offense. Nick has a slight early leader for his services but is very open to see what all schools have to offer.

The 5'11"-185 Nick Patti and his teammates are having a good season. "We are doing really well and we have a good handle on things." Patti expects his team to make a strong run in the playoffs. "It's shaping up to be a real nice season."

Patti has five schools that are giving him a lot of attention. "Right now I would say that Oregon, Michigan, LSU, Georgia Tech, and South Carolina are the ones that I hear from the most."

Michigan appears the early favorite for Patti. "Michigan is recruiting me real hard and they are at the top of my list right now." Patti knows that it's still early in his recruitment but feels that Michigan is the one school that stands out right now.

All the schools that are recruiting him run a variation of the spread or option offense. There are a few of those offenses that Patti likes. "I like the triple option that Coach (Paul) Johnson runs and I also like the Spurrier spread offense and the one at Michigan but I have to say my favorite offense is the one Oregon runs."

Patti recently made a trip to Georgia Tech to watch the triple option in person. "I love the city of Atlanta because there is a lot to do there" said Patti. "The coaching staff is top notch and I got along well with all of them." The one thing that surprised Patti was the Tech campus. "The campus is one that surprises you with them being in downtown Atlanta." Patti plans on making a return trip to the Tech campus.

Although he's only a junior, Patti has an idea of what he wants to do with his college education. "I want to go into construction management and I feel that is a career I may pursue after football."

Don't be surprised if Patti makes his college choice before his senior year starts. "I could see myself doing that if everything felt right and I knew that I was firm on my decision." If he's unable to do that, Patti doesn't have a problem making the decision during his senior season.

Patti is a quarterback who has a good understanding of the game. He is working on getting bigger, stronger, and faster. "You can't sit back and get complacent," said Patti. "You have to keep working to improve yourself or you'll get passed by another player."

Once the season is completed Patti has some options for getting his name out there. "I will be making the Nike circuit next year along with some 11"s. He will play it by ear when it comes to attending college camps. Top Stories