Flowers Takes in GT - Miami

Wade Hampton wide receiver Hakeem Flowers made the trip south on I85 to Atlanta Saturday for the Georgia Tech-Miami game. Hakeem has a very long list of offers from schools across the country. Hakeem talked about the five schools that stand out from his list of forty one offers.

Profile - Hakeem Flowers

The trip to Atlanta was a good one for Flowers. "I had a really good time and enjoyed my time in Atlanta." Flowers talked to most of the coaches and visited the locker room to talk to some of the players. "That part I really liked and I felt I could fit in with the players there."

The coaches at Tech welcomed Flowers to Atlanta. "They were glad to see me make it down for the game and were telling me how much they wanted me at Tech." The coaches also told Flowers that they were looking for playmakers at the receiver position." They felt I could come in and be that player."

Flowers confirmed that he does have a written offer from Georgia Tech. "I picked up the written offer a few weeks ago and I know Georgia Tech is really recruiting me hard." Coach Todd Spencer has kept in touch with Flowers throughout the recruiting process. "He's a character that you can tell really cares for his players."

Hakeem has forty offers in addition to the one from Georgia Tech. From that list he's pared the list to five schools. "I have five schools that are all equal right now," said Flowers. "Georgia Tech, Michigan, Oregon, UCLA, and LSU are my top five."

Some are probably wondering if the result of the game Saturday had any effect on Flowers. "Not at all," said Flowers. "They had some key players missing and installed a new defense this year so I understand how that could affect their play." Flowers still has Tech in his top five following the game.

Now that he's pared his list to five schools, Flowers is beginning to set up dates for his official visits. "I know I will be at Georgia Tech in early December for my official visit." Hakeem also has an idea on when he'll make a decision. "I feel that by the end of the year, or at the latest, the very beginning of next year."

The school that makes Flowers feel most comfortable will have the best chance to get his commitment. "The school that really makes me feel like a part of the family." Flowers' choice will be a school where he can really enjoy the entire college atmosphere. Top Stories