Jackets Add Commit #15 - Broderick Snoddy

Carrollton running back Broderick Snoddy made the trip to Atlanta last week for the Miami game and received an offer from Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson. Snoddy made the return trip this weekend and walked away as the newest member of the Georgia Tech 2012 class.

Profile - Broderick Snoddy

Snoddy's day at Georgia Tech was a good one. "I got a chance to interact with the fans when I walked down Yellow Jacket Alley and that was great ," said Broderick. "I had fans shouting my name and wearing helmets and dreadlocks; the fans really get into Tech." The walk was Snoddy's second favorite part of the day.

The favorite part was his meeting with Coach Johnson. "I had a chance to talk with him and tell him I wanted to commit to Georgia Tech." Johnson was glad to hear the news. " He asked me if I was 100% sure that I wanted to commit and told me about his no visit policy." Snoddy told him that he was ready after thinking it over the past week. "I knew Georgia Tech was where I wanted to go."

At one time, Snoddy talked about waiting untilsigning day to make his decision but that changed after he thought things over. "I really like Georgia Tech as a school and a football team," said Snoddy. "I like the atmosphere and I like the fans and felt it was the right time." The fact that Georgia Tech was really recruiting him hard made it easier.

Snoddy and Coach Johnson talked about how he would use Snoddy. "He was definitely looking for me to play A Back and return kicks to take advantage of my speed."

Broderick also had a chance to talk to A Backs coach Lamar Owens. "He told me he was very impressed with my play and looked forward to coaching me when I get on campus next year."

Georgia, Middle Tennessee, Jacksonville State, Kentucky, and Georgia Southern were the other schools that had been talking to Snoddy. "I'll have to tell them thanks but I am going to Georgia Tech."

Snoddy is glad to get his commitment out of the way. "It feels great and once I decided that Tech was the place for me it felt really good and I'm happy about my decision."

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