Errin Joe Walks Down Yellow Jacket Alley

Lakeland, Florida linebacker Errin Joe had his first contact with Georgia Tech last May when Coach Mike Sewak and Coach Todd Spencer visited his school to offer him a scholarship. Joe made a trip to Atlanta to visit Tech after receiving the offer. The trip came prior to the start of the season. When Tech hosted Duke on November 20th Joe made a return trip to Atlanta for the game.

Joe was already familiar with the campus but the trip to Atlanta gave Errin more insight into Georgia Tech and put them in a different light. "I had a great time. When I got home, I sat down and thought that this is a place I want to come back and visit."

Joe was impressed with the tradition and the atmosphere at the game. Walking down Georgia Tech's Yellow Jacket Alley was one of his favorite parts of the trip. "I liked how the fans supported the team and called out my name."

Errin also had a chance to talk to members of the coaching staff. He met with his position coaches Sewak and Spencer and with his recruiting Coach Joe Speed. Before he left, Errin met with Coach Paul Johnson. "He told me he'd like to have me at Tech and that they only had a few openings left on the offensive line."

Prior to the visit, Errin had a favorites list that included Florida State, Georgia Tech, Missouri, South Carolina, and West Virginia. That list hasn't changed but Joe now has gotten a better idea about Georgia Tech.

Joe and his Lake Gibson teammates have advanced to the next round of the Florida playoffs. This has put his official visits on hold. He won't be finalizing that schedule until the outcome of the playoffs are decided. "I will take all five of my official visits and then sit down with my family and make my decision."

There will be one major factor that Errin will be looking at when he makes these visits. "I'll be looking for a school where I'm comfortable with the students and the coaches." Joe likely won't be making that decision until sometime in January. Top Stories