Chamberlain Ready For Life In Atlanta

Over the weekend, Georgia Tech verbal commit Bryan Chamberlain was among the group of recruits who made the trip to Atlanta to spend the weekend on campus.

"I'm still standing strong – I'm all-in at GT," the 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive lineman said on Sunday.

After meeting with several coaches and players on campus over the weekend, Bryan Chamberlain mentioned noticing how unified the players and coaches seem to be in the program. He was impressed with the group really resembling one unit, and that made his promise to attend Georgia Tech even stronger.

And while this trip wasn't his first to GT, Chamberlain admitted to learning something new during his visit.

"I didn't know they had the swimming for the Olympics on campus," Chamberlain said, referring to the Campus Recreation Center that once hosted the swimming events for the 1996 Olympics, but has since been converted for Tech students to use.

The high-school senior was a close observer of GT's 6-6 regular season, and while it was a step back from an ACC Championship year in 2009, when the school really caught his eye, the outcome didn't sway his commitment to play for the Yellow Jackets.

"They were coming off a good season, but this was kind of a rebuilding year," Chamberlain said. "But I understand that every team has its ups and downs."

Regardless of the outcome in 2010, Chamberlain is excited to get to campus and begin working towards a great career as an offensive lineman in the triple-option offense in 2011. He mentioned that the coaches have informed him that playing time may be immediately available, if he works hard enough to earn a spot in the unit.

Chamberlain, a native of Albany, Ga., is just ready to make the move to Atlanta, now that his high school career is over. But the new city won't be as foreign to Chamberlain as it may be to others.

"I have some family up in Atlanta, so I'm definitely ready for the move," Chamberlain said. Top Stories