Older Days Hosts Younger Hunt-Days

Jabari Hunt-Days was recently an official visitor at Georgia Tech. Jabari was hosted by his brother Synjyn. Hunt-Days will be coming to Tech as an inside linebacker with high expectations for his freshman season.

The weekend on campus with his brother was a good one for Jabari. "It was everything that I expected as I've been on campus many times before." Jabari had a chance everything when his brother was being recruited. "I am very familiar with the campus but that didn't take away from the visit; it was great."

With his brother hosting, they had a great time on the visit. "I'm really looking forward to playing on the team with my brother." Both brothers have high hopes of getting on the field next year.

While he was on the visit, Jabari had a chance to talk to his position coach Joe Speed. "He talked about what he expected out of me as a player." Speed is looking at Jabari for the inside linebacker position but he also feels he's athletic enough to play outside linebacker if needed.

The Jacket coaches have a good idea of what they are looking for size wise in their linebackers. "He told me that they want the inside linebackers to be in the 225-245 pound range and to be able to run at least a 4.7 forty." Jabari currently weights 238 pounds and was recently clocked at 4.6 in the forty. "Coach Speed feels that if I come in and really work and push myself that I could see the field as a freshman."

The inside linebacker position is the one that Jabari prefers. "I let the coaches know that but I will play wherever they want me to play." Jabari knows that it's a team sport.

Jabari's high school team at Hillgrove runs multiple defenses. "We can do a 3-4 or a 4-3 but we are mostly in the 3-4 defense so that should help me when I get to Georgia Tech already familiar with the scheme."

In spite of being committed to Georgia Tech, Jabari is still hearing from some schools. "Most of the schools know now that I am going to Georgia Tech so they haven't bothered trying but Illinois and LSU have talked with my coaches about getting me to look at them but I've told the coaches that I am firm on my decision and I can't wait for signing day to get here to make it official."

Enrolling early is something that Jabari and his family are still discussing. "We will see if it is in the best interest for me to come in early or finish out my senior year and come in for the summer semester." Jabari plans to play it by ear and do what is best for him. "It has to be a decision that myself, my family, and the coaches are on the same page."

Jabari and his school have plans for a signing day function. "Our school is setting up something for the players that will be playing at the division one level." The school will have a function for the players and their families with cake and punch.

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