Ammon Lakip - Punter or Kicker?

As the 2011 recruiting season is winding down, Chattahoochee kicker Ammon Lakip has three more visits to make and then he will make a decision. Georgia Tech, Auburn, Utah, and Maryland are the four schools that Lakip is considering. His decision will be made following his visit to Georgia Tech.

Ammon Lakip - Profile

Lakip will be taking that final trip on the 21st. "My recruiting coach Lamar Owens is waiting for me to come on the 21st for my official visit."

The visit to Georgia Tech will be the last of three visits that Lakip will take this month. "I will make an unofficial visit for one day to Utah and then on the 14th I will take an official visit to Auburn."

Following those visits, Ammon will be making his decision. Maryland will also be considered in the decision. "Georgia Tech and Maryland have offered me a scholarship and Auburn wants me to greyshirt and come later." Lakip's parents will pay for his education until he gets a scholarship if he chooses Auburn.

Having to wait on a scholarship from Auburn will not have a bearing on his decision. "I like Auburn because they are playing for a national championship but I also really like Georgia Tech." Having to greyshirt will not hurt Auburn's chances.

It's safe to say that Georgia Tech and Auburn are Lakip's two top choices right now. "Utah is up there because I have connections through some friends of mine and Maryland has been recruiting me so they are on my list but not as high as Tech and Auburn."

Playing time will be the main factor in Lakip's decision. "I will choose the school that gives me the best chance and opportunity to get on the field the quickest." Georgia Tech is recruiting Lakip as a place kicker and Auburn is recruiting him as a punter.

Lakip will be making his decision following his official visit to Georgia Tech. "I will sit down and look at all my options and use all the information I have gathered and make a decision that week." Top Stories