Sean Tobin - Long Snapper and Linebacker

Sean Tobin is a versatile athlete from St. John Vianney High School (Holmdel, New Jersey). Tobin is beginning to get attention from division one schools following his senior season. Tobin plays linebacker for his high school and is also their long snapper.

Profile - Sean Tobin

One of the schools to recently show interest in Sean is Georgia Tech. "Coach (Charles) Kelly visited my school and expressed interest in me and I was invited to come down for an official visit." Tobin will be traveling to Atlanta for his visit on January 14th.

Georgia Tech is looking for Tobin to start out as a long snapper. "He said that after a year or two in the program I could get playing time as a linebacker if I grown into the position."

Tobin did not receive an offer but there is a possibility that he could receive one on his official visit. "He said that was something that would be discussed in detail when I made my official visit." Before Tobin leaves on Sunday during his official visit weekend, the staff will sit down with him to discuss all the details.

Sean's interest in Georgia Tech is also fueled by his projected career path. "I want to major in engineering and I know that Tech is fourth in the nation in some of the different engineering majors they offer." Tobin takes his academics seriously and this is one of the main reasons he's considering Georgia Tech.

Tobin has three other schools besides Georgia Tech that are recruiting him. "I am looking at Virginia Tech and will visit them on the 28th of the month, Colorado State and I will visit them on the 21st, and Ohio State called and started recruiting me." All of the schools recruiting Sean are looking at him as a long snapper.

His desire to play for a major college has influenced what position Sean will play in college. "I have several offers from 1AA schools to play linebacker but I prefer to go to a major college even if it is as a long snapper." Tobin feels that if he works hard and puts on the needed weight, he'll get a chance to play linebacker. Tobin is currently 6'3"-230.

Tobin's college decision will likely come following his visit to Virginia Tech on the 28th. "I most likely will make a decision right after the visit." The decision could be delayed until signing day depending on how his visits go.

In addition to academics, Tobin will be looking at the atmosphere at the schools. "I will be looking to see if I feel a family atmosphere when I make my visits." Distance will not be a factor in Sean's decision. Top Stories