Alvin Dupree Discusses Weekend Visits

Wilkinson County, Georgia defensive end/tight end Alvin Dupree made two visits this extended holiday weekend. Alvin went to Georgia Tech for the weekend and then went to Kentucky during the holiday. Alvin will be taking his final official visit this coming weekend when he travels to Columbia, South Carolina to visit South Carolina.

Alvin Dupree arrived in Atlanta Friday afternoon for his visit to Georgia Tech. "We had a nice time and got to see the school and hang out with a lot of the players and recruits."

Alvin had a chance to talk with the coaches on his visit. "They told me they were looking at me to play defensive end and that I was high on their list of remaining spot in their 2011 class."

Dupree left Atlanta without a written offer. "I didn't get one this weekend but they told me they would be sending me one sometime this week. Dupree is looking forward to getting the offer.

Following his trip to Georgia Tech, Dupree traveled to Lexington, Kentucky for his official visit with Kentucky. "It was a full and fast weekend for me." Like his visit to Tech, Dupree had a chance to tour the school and to see the facilities and talk with the players and coaches. "I had a real good time."

The plans for Dupree at Kentucky were different than what he heard at Georgia Tech. "They showed me how they wanted me to fit into their offense either as a tight end or wide receiver." Dupree was also told that Kentucky would be the place to go to get a good education. "I liked what they had to say."

Georgia Tech and Kentucky aren't the only two schools that Dupree is considering. "I may go to South Carolina this weekend for a visit." Dupree has not made definite plans to take that trip. "Like Kentucky, they want me as a tight end or wide receiver."

Dupree has a preference for which side of the ball he prefers to play. "If it were up to me, I would play offense."

The visit to South Carolina will be to see if he gets an offer from them. "Coach (Steve) Spurrier hasn't sent me an offer yet." Dupree will also be looking to see how he would fit into South Carolina's offense.

With signing day fast approaching, Dupree will be making his decision within the week. "I hope to have my decision by the weekend." Alvin wants to make his decision and begin to concentrate on basketball. "I'm playing for my high school team and we're currently 15-0. Top Stories