Trey Flowers Makes Surprise Visit

Huntsville, Alabama defensive lineman Trey Flowers made a surprise visit to Georgia Tech over the weekend. Flowers is player that is surprising people late in the recruiting process. He has schools looking at him as both a defensive end and an outside linebacker.

The trip to Georgia Tech by Trey Flowers was one that didn't get a lot of advanced publicity. "I had a very good time and learned a lot about the school and now have a chance to get an offer from them. " Trey had a chance to talk to both players and coaches on his visit. "The trip was much better than I expected it to be."

Flowers was hosted on his visit by Georgia Tech running back Charles Perkins. "We hit it off well and he had a lot of information that I was looking for about the school." Flowers and some of his teammates showed Flowers the campus and talked to him about the engineering school. "I want to major in engineering and I loved the department and was amazed at how they are ranked world-wide." Trey is looking to see which of the engineering schools best suits him.

Trey got to talk with Coach Andy McCollum, Coach Al Groh, and Coach Paul Johnson. "Coach Groh talked to me about his scheme and what he looks for in a defensive player and he feels I have the right frame and would be a great addition to the defense as an outside linebacker. Trey is currently 6'3"-245. He has played both defensive end and linebacker in high school.

"Coach McCollum talked with me about how I could help if I was able to bulk up and get big enough for the line. It was very interesting to see how they have players that can go from end to outside linebacker and the other way too."

"Coach Johnson talked to me about my situation as far as getting a scholarship and what he expects from me not only as football player and a student. Flowers should know by Wednesday if he'll have a scholarship to Georgia Tech. "They were waiting to see if one would open up for me."

If that offer comes, Flowers knows what his next step will be. "I would take the offer and become part of the team and school."

Learning about the engineering program was Trey's favorite part of the trip. "I am very interested in making engineering my major and getting my degree in engineering."

Besides his trip to Georgia Tech, Flowers has also been to UAB. He has an offer from them and if things don't work out with Georgia Tech, he'll be taking an official visit to South Alabama this coming weekend. Top Stories