Jordan Watkins Grew Up A Tech Fan

Defensive lineman Jordan Watkins, a 2012 recruit out of College Park, Ga., appears ready to make a Junior Day visit to Georgia Tech.

"Next Saturday, I have a basketball game at 4 p.m. but I also am planning on heading up to Tech for Junior Day," Jordan Watkins said. Watkins also made an unannounced visit to GT Sunday for a short visit with some of the top juniors in the state.

The Woodward Academy junior has received seemingly countless offers from teams around the Southeast, but definitely has his eye on GT.

"I have been recruited by Coach Preston, and Georgia Tech is definitely in contention," Watkins said. "Recruiting-wise, I'm not sure who my top schools are yet, but Georgia Tech is in the running."

As Watkins expressed his feelings for the offer he received from the Yellow Jackets, he opened up more about his thoughts on the school.

"Being in the Atlanta area, I grew up a Georgia Tech fan," Watkins said. "I went to a few games this year, and I had a feeling it (the offer) would happen."

As he continued to describe his feelings for the university, Watkins made it clear that he is interested in Georgia Tech for more than just football.

"I have always placed a lot on balancing football and academics, so Georgia Tech is a positive for both," Watkins said.

With Watkins being such a highly-touted junior, the visit to the Atlanta campus should help the Yellow Jackets' coaching staff get to know him better. But as Watkins said, just getting an offer from a coach he knows a lot about really got his attention.

"I had butterflies when I got the offer, especially because it came right from (head coach) Paul Johnson," Watkins said. "That was the first time I had ever spoken one-on-one with a college coach. I had spoken with (Alabama head coach) Nick Saban before, but not one-on-one like I did with Coach Johnson."

When Watkins visits the Tech campus next weekend, he should get plenty of time with the coaching staff, which may lead to more butterflies for the junior who seems to be a big fan of Georgia Tech. Top Stories