Snoddy Making Other Visits?

Carrollton running back Broderick Snoddy has been a Georgia Tech commit for a few months now but the rumors continued to persist that he was going to take additional visits. Snoddy addressed those rumors in this report.

Profile - Broderick Snoddy

When asked if there was anything new on the recruiting front, Broderick replied, "Not really, everything is going about the same as it has been since I made my commitment to Georgia Tech."

There have been rumors that Snoddy might be visiting Mississippi this weekend. "I have thought about it and I'd say it is around 50% or less that I will visit." Snoddy has yet to make a decision on whether or not he'll be taking that visit.

Broderick has been in touch with the Georgia Tech coaches about his plans. "I told them that I am 100% committed to coming to Georgia Tech and that I plan on signing my letter of intent with them next Wednesday. Everything is fine with me and the coaches."

A visit to Mississippi will not change Snoddy's plans to sign with Georgia Tech. Top Stories