Nick Menocal Talks About His Switch

Miami, Florida outside linebacker Nick Menocal committed to the Miami Hurricanes and Coach Randy Shannon early in his recruitment. Being from Miami, the Hurricanes were a perfect fit for Nick. That was until Coach Shannon was let go. A new staff came aboard and Nick wasn't in their plans, so Nick decided to open up his recruiting and took a trip to Georgia Tech and gave them his verbal commit.

Nick Menocal made the trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech this past weekend. "I loved ever part of my official visit especially hanging out with the players and talking with the coaches." Georgia Tech made Menocal feel like it was his second home. "My player host, Denzel McCoy, was great and he made me feel welcome and at ease while I was in Atlanta." The trip was made even better when Menocal's parents shared the same feeling.

The trip to Tech ended in Nick giving Georgia Tech his verbal commit. "The players and coaches made me feel so much at home that it made it easy to see that this was where I wanted to go to school." Menocal was impressed with how top notch the staff was and how they treat the players. "They look out for their best interests and they have a family atmosphere."

There wasn't one part of the trip that stood out more than another for Nick. "I can't really say because I liked everything about Georgia Tech from the football team to the school itself."

The visit to Tech was a surprise to many but Tech didn't just recently enter the picture for Menocal. "They have been recruiting me very hard from the beginning and I really got to know the coaches over time. Nick always felt that if he parted ways with Miami that Tech would be his favorite.

There have been rumors floating around about why Menocal was no longer in the picture with Miami. "There is a rumor floating around that they wanted me to play offense but that isn't the real reason." The coaching change had more to do with Menocal ending up at Georgia Tech than anything. "I kept waiting for Miami to call me after the coaching change but I didn't hear anything from them until the 18th." When Nick did talk to Coach Golden, he asked him if he was in their plans. "Coach Golden told me it was in my best interests to look elsewhere for a school but I was determined to play for the Hurricanes but he would only honor my scholarship if I would play offense. Menocal was told he didn't fit into their plans on defense.

When Nick met Coach Golden he only asked one thing of him. "All I asked was for him to be honest and up front and he was." When Georgia Tech meets Miami, Menocal will be playing with the incentive to prove them wrong. "You can rest assured I will be playing with that in mind."

On his visit, Nick talked with Coach (Al) Groh and Coach (Joe) Speed about their plans for him. "They said I probably wouldn't be redshirted my freshman year." Getting on the field will be in Menocal's hands. "How well I pick the scheme up and how hard I work will dictate if I see any playing time." Nick plans to come in with the mindset that he will have to earn his way onto the playing field.

When Nick arrives at Georgia Tech he plans on being a business major with a minor in some form of engineering. "I really value academics and that is another reason Georgia Tech has always been up there for me."

Nick has plans for a signing day ceremony. "We are doing the cake thing and doing an informal signing at my school." Menocal's actual signing will be held at Dave and Busters in Hollywood, Florida and it will be shown on television by the NBC network. Top Stories