Jarontay Jones Snags a GT Offer

Defensive end Jarontay Jones, a 6-foot-3, 234-pound defensive end out of Stephenson High School, has received a verbal offer from Georgia Tech.

Profile - Jarontay Jones

"It feels great to get the offer from Georgia Tech," Jones said. He received the offer during his visit to the Atlanta campus for Junior Day on Saturday.

During the visit, Jones met with several coaches prior to the offer, including linebackers coach Joe Speed. According to Jones, Speed had a special request for the junior out of Stone Mountain. "He told me to try on a GT jersey," Jones said. "I gotta say – it felt great."

Jones had trouble putting into words the excitement he felt for receiving the offer from Georgia Tech, a school that he has visited several times in the past. Despite the past visits, Jones said this trip was memorable because he received more one-on-one time with the coaches in his time on campus this time around.

Jones seems to be comfortable with Coach Speed, his recruiting coordinator, and added that he hopes to make a trip back to Georgia Tech very soon, possibly in the Spring.

One of the aspects of the university that Jones couldn't forget was a plaque that hangs just outside the locker room. Listed as facts about Georgia Tech is a statistic: one of every six Georgia Tech graduates is a millionaire.

"That stat really stuck with me, and it showed me just how helpful their academics can be for me," Jones said. "Having a degree from Georgia Tech carries a lot of weight."

As for other offers, Jones said that he has received several (at least five SEC schools have also offered him), but that he wasn't entirely sure of the full list because his coaching staff at Stephenson has been keeping up with that instead. But after his visit to Junior Day at Georgia Tech, his coaches will be adding one more to the list.

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