Blaylock Twins Visit Georgia Tech, Pt. 1

Walton High School (Georgia) safety Zach Blaylock made his trip to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech Junior Day. He came away impressed with what he saw. The trip put Georgia tech at the top of his list.

Zack Blaylock and his brother Daron made the short trip to the Georgia Tech campus for their Junior Day. "We got a chance to see the whole campus and got to see the academic side of things at Georgia Tech." Zack is hoping to attend the School of Management if he chooses Georgia Tech. "I really liked the CRC building with the weights, Olympic pool and water slide. They had everything from rock climbing to basketball and racket ball."

Zack also had a chance to speak with the coaches. "Coach (Brian) Bohannon said that the coaches are looking at me as a safety and Coach (Charles) Kelly would be my position coach." Zack would prefer to play free safety if he had a choice.

Coach Bohannon also talked with Zack about recruiting. "He said once the 2011 class was finished they would turn their complete attention to the 2012 recruits and start handing out offers. Coach Bohannon told Zack to expect an offer soon.

An offer from Georgia Tech would put them at the top of Zach's list. "Like my brother, I like Georgia Tech a lot and the trip was great." South Carolina, Florida, and Clemson are other schools that have gained Zack's interest.

Both Zack and his brother would like to attend the same school. "We have a strong bond, are very close, and we want to continue playing football together at the collegiate level."

Zack and his brother don't want to drag out the recruiting process. "We want to get it done and once we're done we can concentrate on our senior year." They both look forward to being able to concentrate on improving their play. Top Stories