Georgia Tech May Take a Gamble

Standing at 6-4, 273 pounds, Pat Gamble, a junior out of Central High School in Carrollton, Georgia, may be just what Georgia Tech is looking for on the defensive line.

"Coach (Brian) Bohannon is really pursuing me," Pat Gamble said. "And I like Georgia Tech – their academics are very attractive."

With one offer so far, from Southern Mississippi, Gamble is looking around at other schools and trying to figure out where he would fit best when his college career begins. The Yellow Jackets are definitely on that short but growing list, due to a confidence that he would fit well in Georgia Tech's system.

"I'm a good run-stopper, so I think I'd do well in the 3-4," Gamble said. "I just want to be a good fit – starting as soon as I get to campus isn't as important as making sure I fit into the system."

Based on his contact with Coach Bohannon, Gamble seems to believe the coaching staff likes him enough to extend an offer relatively soon. Gamble said he feels good about the way his communication with the staff has gone, and they have taken such an interest in the junior that he believes a verbal offer will be extended his way, possibly in a matter of a few weeks.

And while Gamble waits for additional offers to come his way, he is planning to make his senior year successful on the football field.

When asked about his plans for his senior year, Gamble replied, "I just want to play good football." Then, with a chuckle, he added, "And not get in any trouble." Top Stories