Jenkins, "Tech Would Lead to Great Things"

Defensive lineman Jordan Jenkins, a 6-2, 225-pound junior from Harris County High School in Hamilton, Ga., really likes the pace at which his visits are going. And with 12 offers, the pace can sometimes get a little hectic.

"It's getting to the point where I'm moving along at a good pace with the schools I'm looking at," Jenkins said. "It's not going too fast or too slow, it's just right."

Jenkins has known Coach Buzz Preston since he was a freshman at Harris County, so he has grown quite familiar with Georgia Tech. He remains quite interested in becoming a Yellow Jacket, even with seemingly every other school in the Southeast after him.

"I've been to a few GT games this year and last year," Jenkins said. "I really like the school and the football program."

Jenkins has a visit to the University of Tennessee in Feb. 28 and a few other visits after that, but he said he is hoping to visit Georgia Tech again relatively soon after speaking with Coach Preston and head coach Paul Johnson recently.

"We basically caught up, and we talked about the recruiting process some more," Jenkins said. "They definitely think I'd fit in well at either outside linebacker or defensive end."

As for Jenkins' vision, he thinks he would fit in well as a hybrid linebacker/defensive end on the outside, due to his speed and ability to change direction. Both would be beneficial to either position, or both, in Al Groh's 3-4 defense.

With Jenkins, it isn't all about what happens on the field – he is also looking into schools where he thinks he has the best chance to succeed in life off the field. And he is convinced that Georgia Tech would lead to great things.

"If football at the professional level doesn't happen for me, I want to have another plan," Jenkins said. "Engineering is the major that I'd like to pursue if I end up at Georgia Tech because I know that people who get their degree in that field make a great living." Top Stories