Eastern Schools Keep Close Eye On Madaras

Good Counsel High School has produced some good division one players over the past few years. One of the latest that may join that group is offensive lineman Mike Madaras. The weather has been playing havoc with Mike's Junior Day visit schedule thus far.

Mike Madaras has been hearing from schools in the eastern half of the States. "I'm hearing from a lot of schools and the latest is South Florida." The list has grown so large for Mike that it's hard to remember all of them. "Maryland, West Virginia, Penn State, North Carolina State, and Georgia Tech are some of the ones I remember off the top of my head."

Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh has been in contact with Madaras. "Coach Groh has been to my school." Tech is one of the schools that have Madaras' interest. "I like the academics and Coach Groh is well known around here."

In Mike's eyes it's too early in the process to name a leader. "I am very open to all schools right now and it will probably be that way until I get a good chance to see the schools."

Because of the weather in Maryland, Mike has only been to one Junior Day. "Maryland was the one I attended and it was a good trip. I enjoyed my time there."

The schools that Mike has mentioned as recruiting him have all invited him to visit. "I will sit down and look at what schools have invited me and see which one I will be able to visit."

Most of the schools recruiting Madaras like him on the offensive side of the ball. "Just about every school is looking at me as an offensive tackle but a few see me as a defensive lineman." Mike doesn't have a preference as long as he gets to play.

Madaras will have three things that he'll look at when it comes time to make his decision. The academics at the school and how well the coaching staff relates to the players, helping to make them good student-athletes are the two most important things for me." The third factor for Madaras will be the history of the program and how the future looks for the team.

Distance may not be a factor in Mike's decision. "Ideally I'd like the school to be close by but if I really like the school the distance will not be a deal breaker for me."

Madaras is looking to get bigger, faster, and stronger in the offseason. ‘I've been in the weight room almost every day since we won the championship." When the snow melts Madaras will be heading outside to work on agility drills.

Mike is also staying in shape by playing on the basketball team. He has been playing an unusual combination of positions. "I get to play point guard and center for the tea

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