Mike Davis Picking Up More Offers

Running back Mike Davis out of Stephenson High school spoke about how fast his recruiting is taking off in his junior year. Mike has several offers from many major schools. Georgia Tech is one of those schools and Mike is keeping in contact with his recruiting coach, Coach Joe Speed.

Mike Davis (5-11, 195 pounds) is seeing a surge in recruiting activity. "It is really picking up a lot lately," said Davis. "I am hearing from many schools and have picked up offers from teams like Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, Memphis, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Florida, FSU, UCF, South Florida, Louisville, Penn State, and North Carolina. I know there a few more as my recruiting is really kicking into high gear right now."

The Florida Gators are recruiting Davis the hardest he says. "The new coach there says that I will fit into their pro style offense perfectly," said Davis. "I like Florida a lot but I am keeping an open mind and letting the process work itself and when it comes time to pick a school, I will pick the one that is the best fit for me."

Davis, who reports a forty time of 4.49 seconds, does not claim a leader at this time and says conference does not matter. "It doesn't matter because I will be choosing a school not a conference to play football and to attend school," said Davis.

Staying in state would be nice for Davis but it's not the only consideration. "Ideally I'd love to stay in state but I will go to the school that hows me that they are the best fit for me and I really feel comfortable with the coaches and players," said Davis.

For those in-state schools, one is currently showing interest while the other major program has not as of yet. "Georgia Tech is showing a lot, I mean a lot of interest in me," said Davis. "I talk to Coach Speed a lot and he says that I can come in and be a big part of their offense. As for Georgia, I have no idea what they are doing. I don't hear anything from then so I don't know if I am a part of their plans or what."

As a running back, Davis would be either an A-back or B-back if in the Georgia Tech offense. He feels he could do either equally well and credits his high school's wing-t offense for creating familiarity with the offense lead by Tech Coach Paul Johnson. "I'd have no problem running for that offense," said Davis. "Plus I have blocking down pat, as I can lay some blocks on the defense. I also catch the ball really well out of the backfield and those two things are very important for a running back in the triple option offense."

Davis said he was invited to GT's Junior Day but was unable to attend. "However I will be going to some practices over at Georgia Tech this spring to catch them practicing and working out," said Davis. This Saturday, he will attend Junior Day at Florida.

Playing time will be an important factor for Davis when selecting a school. "I'd like to play as a freshman if at all possible," said Davis. "I want to get on the field as quickly as possible so I can help my team. It is tough standing on the sidelines wanting to help your team win but I do know you have to earn that playing time too."

Davis likes Stephenson's chance at making a state title run this coming season. In preparation for the season, he is working on certain aspects of his game. "I am looking to get faster and improve my ability to break tackles out of the running back position," said Davis. "Since I am a senior for the team this upcoming season, I hope to improve my leadership skills and become a team leader too."

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