Jonathan Jones's Top 5 Includes Georgia Tech

Carrollton defensive back Jonathon Jones made the trip to Atlanta for Georgia Tech's Junior Day. Coach Paul Johnson made Jones' day when he extended him a verbal offer. Georgia Tech is now a school that Jones is seriously considering.

The visit to Georgia Tech put them in a new light in Jonathan Jones' eyes. "I got a chance to talk with the coaches and while I've been to Tech many times but today was the first time I was able to see the entire school to include the football facilities, class rooms, and the campus." Jones was able to talk to his recruiting coach (Brian Bohannon) and Coach Paul Johnson.

Both coaches told Jones that they liked what they had seen of him on film. "Coach Johnson called me into his office and extended a verbal offer to me and that really made my day." Jones told Johnson that Georgia Tech is a school he's seriously considering. "They are the home school and I really like the coaches at Tech because they are very honest and up front with you."

The offer from Georgia Tech puts them in Jones' top five. "My top five is Georgia Tech, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee." Although Georgia Tech is the only non-SEC school on his list he doesn't have a conference preference. "I know that no matter where I go, the level of play will be great." Jones said that he doesn't get caught up in which conference is the best.

Jones looks to play cornerback at the next level. "Coach (Charles) Kelly and Coach Johnson both told me they want me at corner and feel that is my best position." It hasn't been decided if he would be a field or boundary corner.

The trip to Georgia Tech will be his last Junior Day visit for the year. "I was going to Tennessee next weekend but I have a track meet that weekend so my Junior Day visits are over for the year."

Jonathan does have two destinations in mind for spring practices. "I will most likely be going to both Georgia Tech and Alabama for spring practices and their spring games."

Jones has two simple things that he'll look at in deciding on which school he'll attend. "I'll be looking at the proximity of the school to home and I'll be looking to see how well I bond with the other recruits." Jones is looking for a team that not only has talented players but one that also has good chemistry.

Jones hopes his speed, coverage skills, and physical play will contribute to the team. In the meantime, he'll be working on improving his fundamental skills. Top Stories