Unusual Route Leads Kitchen to Georgia Tech

Lithonia, Georgia defensive Jimmie Kitchen was a 2010 graduate who originally signed with Tennessee State. Kitchen never enrolled at State and has now given his commitment to Georgia Tech and will enroll in May.

Georgia Tech renewed interest in Jimmie Kitchen after he was unable to enroll at Tennessee State when an English course didn't clear the NCAA Clearinghouse. "Coach (Joe) Speed came to see me and said that Georgia Tech was interested in me and wanted me to visit."

Kitchen received an offer from Tech when he made the visit. "We made the visit on the 17th and both Coach (Andy) McCollum and Coach (Al) Groh greeted me and told me that loved my film." Both coaches asked Kitchen if he was serious about both football and school and the answer was yes. "They both confirmed that I had an offer and I went home and talked it over and decided Georgia Tech was the place for me." Kitchen will be enrolling in school on May 16th for summer classes.

Jimmie signed with Tennessee State last year and later found out that the NCAA Clearinghouse did not clear one of his classes. "I had to pack up and go home and that was pretty hard to take." Kitchen went to work to get cleared and the NCAA cleared him this year. "I made the grades but one class kept me from staying in school but the bright side of this is that I get to go to a school like Georgia Tech."

Kitchen currently is 6'3-265. "I know I will be on the defensive line but I don't know if I will be a nose tackle or a defensive end." Jimmie is known for his pass rush and physical play. "I play hard until the whistle blows."

Kitchen will have the full five years to play four. "I'll be just like any incoming freshman."

When Jimmie made his trip to Tech, he had a chance to meet some of the current players. "I got a chance to talk with Roddy Jones and Stephen Hill and they both had nothing but great things to say about Georgia Tech." Kitchen was Hill's teammate in AAU basketball.

Jimmie took an unusual route to get to Georgia Tech but he's happy that his hard work has paid off and he plans to take advantage of the new opportunity.

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