Dennis Andrews Lands His First Offer

Quarterback Dennis Andrews, a junior out of Godby High School in Tallahassee, Fla., enjoyed his visit to Atlanta and is a fan of everything Georgia Tech has to offer.

"Coach Spencer (Andrews' recruiting coordinator) and I were speaking the other day, and I attended a Junior Day at Georgia Tech a few weeks ago," Dennis Andrews said. "I was very surprised when I got the offer from Georgia Tech, and it was cool because they were the first offer I got."

Since then, Andrews has received offers from South Florida, Iowa State and Western Kentucky, but he made no secrets that Tech is at the top of his list.

"Georgia Tech just has a better vibe than any of the other schools I've checked out, even when I compare it to the schools that haven't offered me," Andrews said. "I just get the feeling that I should be there when I'm on campus."

When asked what factors made him so ecstatic to be on campus at Georgia Tech, Andrews made quite a lengthy list.

"I like that the dorms are close to the food and the basketball courts, since that's where I'll spend most of my time," Andrews said, with a laugh. "But I'm also impressed with the number of internships they have, which shows me that there's a lot of opportunity to do what I want when I'm on campus."

As for his goals on the football field, Andrews plans to take the reins of the offense at Georgia Tech as well.

"I want to bring more excitement to the offense, because I didn't see a lot of that last year," Andrews said. "It may take a little time to adapt to the triple-option, but I feel like it won't be too much of a challenge because my offense at Godby uses a lot of the same reads."

Expect to see Andrews back on campus soon, because it appears that he feels most at home at Georgia Tech. Top Stories