Ronald Geohaghan Enjoys Visit To Tech

With six schools extending offers his way, will Georgia Tech be next on the list for Ronald Geohaghan? Back in January, safety Ronald Geohaghan (6-2, 189 pounds from Fairfax, SC) made his first-ever visit to Georgia Tech, for the school's Junior Day. When he first walked on the campus in Atlanta, he was a believer in everything the coaching staff was selling.

"It was really exciting to be on campus," Ronald Geohaghan said. "Everything about Georgia Tech stands out – they treat their athletes very well."

When Geohaghan made the visit, he spoke with his recruiting coordinator, Mike Sewak, and watched film of the GT defensive scheme. Geohaghan really liked what he saw from the defense, and believes he can fit in quite well at the safety position.

"The academics are a big role as well," Geohaghan said, when asked about what factors have contributed to his positive outlook on life at Georgia Tech.

On Monday, while Geohaghan was at his Allendale-Fairfax High School track practice, he once again encountered Coach Sewak, who stopped by the high school to say hello.

"He came by and wanted to reach out to me, and he asked me to call him when I get a chance," Geohaghan said. On the track team at Allendale-Fairfax, Geohaghan competes in both the triple-jump and long-jump.

While it is clear Sewak is looking to schedule another weekend for Geohaghan to visit Georgia Tech, the junior is starting to pack his schedule with other interested schools as well. At first, Clemson and Illinois stood alone as schools that had offered Geohaghan. But now, Virginia Tech, ECU, Texas Tech and Tulane have also thrown in offers, bringing the current total to six.

As for a visit to Georgia Tech in the near future, nothing is currently planned, but if he makes a trip, expect it to be some time in the spring. This summer looks to be jam-packed for Geohaghan, as he mentioned that he will be trying out for the World Youth Games, a track and field event in France. If he is chosen to represent the United States in that event, he will spend a majority of his late summer in France, halting the visits.

Expect to see Geohaghan on the Georgia Tech campus relatively soon, if he is serious about the Yellow Jackets as a possible college destination. Top Stories