Big OL Doesn't Want To Be Center of Attention

Offensive tackle Will Adams has yet to receive an offer, but he had an interest in Georgia Tech before he ever stepped on a football field. Having family that has attended Tech has made them a special place in his eyes.

A 2012 recruit out of Sandy Creek High School, Will Adams is watching Georgia Tech recruit teammates Quinteze Williams and Mike Hilton, but he isn't really lamenting the fact that the coaching staff at Tech isn't pursuing him as hard as they are with the other two.

"I don't want to be the center of attention," Adams said with a laugh. "I'll play football in Division III as soon as I play in Division I, it just depends on what fits me."

At 6-foot-7 and 275 pounds, it's likely that there are plenty of Division I schools that could use an offensive tackle with his size, and the Yellow Jackets have shown a moderate level of interest. For Adams, Georgia Tech has always been a school close to his heart.

"My uncle went to Tech, and my brother is a student there right now," Adams said. "All doors are open though – I'm not locked into a major or anything."

After receiving letters from the coaching staff and playing in an All-Star junior game on-campus, Adams has become quite interested in the Yellow Jackets.

"The offense they run isn't my preferred offense, but I can run it," Adams said. "I know several people who played at GT and they have only had good things to say about their experience there, so that's been a big factor for me in my process."

With no offers to this point, Adams is focusing on his game and making improvements in his upcoming senior year at Sandy Creek. When asked about his goals, Adams mentioned that he wants to become a stronger force on the offensive line, and while he already has a decent amount of speed for a big guy, he wants to be speedier in 2011. Top Stories