T.J. Burrell is Wide Open Right Now

Goose Creek, South Carolina defensive player TJ Burrell spoke with Scout.com about his recruiting process as he heads towards his senior year. TJ is being recruited hard by both state schools and a number of schools across the southeast, including Georgia Tech.

T.J. Burrell currently has four offers. Clemson, Duke, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt have all offered Burrell. "Several other schools from the ACC and the SEC are also recruiting me."

Georgia Tech is one of the ACC schools that is recruiting Burrell. "They had invited me to their Junior Day but I had other plans so they asked me to visit for spring practice or their spring game." Burrell is hearing from offensive line coach Mike Sewak at Georgia Tech. "I hear from him a lot and he is my recruiting coach."

Alabama and North Carolina are two other schools that are recruiting Burrell.

T.J. has already been to Junior Days at both Clemson and South Carolina. "Georgia Tech, Alabama, Duke, and North Carolina have also invited him but I was unable to attend."

The schools recruiting Burrell are looking at him as a hybrid outside linebacker/safety type player." I can play either one but I think outside linebacker is my best place." Burrell is willing to play wherever they want him to play.

T.J. is also being recruited by schools that play both the 3-4 and 4-3 defenses. He does not have a preference for either one. "I feel I can come in and play in either system and make an impact."

Burrell does not have a favorites list right now. "I'm wide open even though I am hearing mostly from Clemson and South Carolina." T.J. is keeping his options open for any of the schools that recruit him.

From the beginning, Clemson was the school that was recruiting him the hardest but South Carolina and a few other schools have turned up the heat. "Still, Clemson is recruiting me the hardest at this point."

Burrell doesn't feel that staying close to home is something he needs to do. "If a school is the best fit for me then I'll go there."

T.J. is looking for a school that feels like home. "I also want to fit into the defense and be able to contribute." He is also looking for a school that will push him academically. "I am looking to major in some form of engineering so I'm looking for a school that has a good support system."

Burrell feels that he'll let his decision play out through his senior season. "I'll let my senior season be my recruiting tool and hope that I can show that I've gotten better."

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