GT Wants To Introduce Itself To Steven Foster

Offensive lineman Steven Foster said he has hopes to visit Georgia Tech in March, but has yet to nail down exact plans for that visit. The 6'4"-285 junior made his first Junior Day trip to Southern Mississippi last weekend.

From Demopolis, Alabama, Steven Foster has heard from recruiting coordinator Charles Kelly a few times, but admits most of the communication with the Georgia Tech coaching staff to this point has occurred through his coaching staff at Demopolis High School.

The junior offensive lineman, who said he will be focusing on winning the state championship when his senior year begins, said he really craves one thing in the upcoming weeks. "I really want to have the chance to meet the coaches and tour the Georgia Tech campus," Foster said.

In his conversations with the Georgia Tech coaching staff, Foster has learned that he would likely be used in the offensive system as either an offensive guard or tackle. Georgia Tech has yet to offer, but their frequent requests to get Foster to visit Atlanta for a Junior Day may suggest that they are interested. "I'm pretty sure I'll visit this month," Foster said.

On March 5, he plans to visit Mississippi State, and Foster believes they are the closest to giving him that first offer. After this weekend, Foster will decide between Miami, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech for his next on-campus visit.

Georgia Tech is hoping he will choose Atlanta for that visit – and it would appear that they are working quite hard to make that a reality. Top Stories