From Afar, Bynum Likes What He Sees

Linebacker Kenneth Bynum, a junior out of Jacksonville, Fla., has never visited Georgia Tech, but continues speaking with coaches and hopes to visit soon.

In speaking from afar with his recruiting coach Mike Sewak, Kenneth Bynum is becoming more curious about Georgia Tech, and is hoping to make a trip to visit the school soon. Admitting that he only has seen the campus from driving down I-75 on his way to and from Jacksonville, Bynum is looking to tour the campus relatively soon.

"I want to visit campus in the spring, so I have the chance to watch spring practice," Bynum said.

The linebacker, who said he is strong in pass defense, doesn't mind which position he plays in the linebacking corps. However, he does think he can be a vital piece in their unit.

"I watched Georgia Tech's game against Miami, and I could definitely be a factor in their D," Bynum said.

Citing both academics (he's a fan of what he's heard about the engineering program) and football, in that order, Bynum is attracted to Georgia Tech, but has been looking at schools all over the country. Tech is in his top-5, and that list is rounded out by North Carolina, Stanford, Louisville and Rutgers (his two offers have come from Stanford and Rutgers).

Because of this desire to attend school away from home, Georgia Tech may have an advantage in that it is still within decent driving distance of Jacksonville. For now, the coaching staff in Atlanta can continue speaking with the 6-1, 198-pound linebacker until he has the chance to hit the road and check out the campus. Top Stories