Academics Are Paramount for McCurry

When a high school junior gives a wish list filled with Ivy League schools, they might be kidding. But not Cameron McCurry, a linebacker out of Orange Park, Fla. His list of schools proves McCurry is serious about his academics.

"I'm speaking with Georgia Tech, UAB, Duke, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Harvard and Cornell," Cameron McCurry said. And while he has yet to receive his first offer, the Yellow Jackets may be his first.

Speaking regularly with recruiting coordinator Mike Sewak through emails and letters, McCurry is planning a visit to Atlanta in the summer. He had previously planned attending Junior Day at Tech, but when his soccer team at Fleming Island High School made the state playoffs, his trip had to be put on hold. Due to the soccer season, he and Sewak have not spoken much in detail lately, but he hopes that will resume when everything slows down.

As for Georgia Tech, McCurry is quite interested. Based on his list of schools he is speaking to, it is clear that academics weigh highly in his decision, but he is attracted to Tech for another reason.

"They are a top ACC school in football, so playing for them would be great," McCurry said.

Sewak has informed McCurry that he would be playing either outside linebacker or strong safety for the Yellow Jackets – both positions that he has played in high school. In fact, McCurry said that he may make the move to strong safety in his senior year at Fleming Island and will attempt to add weight and speed to his game.

McCurry has set the goal to win the state title in his senior year, but also to find an appropriate suitor for his talents when he makes the step into the college game. Wherever that may be, one thing is clear – McCurry wants his diploma to come from a very prestigious university. Top Stories