Close to First ACC Offer

Defensive tackle Vontrell Williams plays for one of the top programs in Illinois in Mt. Carmel. Vontrell is one of the top defensive players in a state that is drawing attention from some of the top programs in the country. Vontrell made the trip to Atlanta this weekend to visit Georgia Tech.

Vontrell Williams ended his trip by watching the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets close out the home basketball season Sunday against Miami. "It was nice to see the basketball team do well in the last game at Alexander Memorial Coliseum." Williams also had a chance to tour the school and see the facilities. "I liked everything that I saw."

Williams also had a chance to talk to Coach Paul Johnson. "He told me that he has to wait on my transcript but once the academic side of things is cleared that he will officially extend an offer to me. Coach Johnson has watched Williams' film which led to the interest from Georgia Tech. The offer would be the first from an ACC school for Williams.

Georgia Tech is looking at Williams as a defensive end. "They said that my being 6'2"-270 fits in with what they are looking for at defensive end."

Williams currently has seven offers. "I have offers from Illinois, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Toledo, and Bowling Green."

An offer from Georgia Tech would put them high on his list. "The coaches and the school really made a great impression on me." Williams was impressed by the academics and the facilities. "What's not to like about them. I love everything about the school."

Vontrell will continue to take trips following the trip this weekend to Atlanta. "I will be going to Michigan State with a possible chance to also see Michigan and after that on the weekend of April 15th and 16th I will go to Indiana." Williams has already been to Vanderbilt and expects an offer when he attends their camp.

Recruits have lately have started making their decisions earlier in their recruiting process. However, Vontrell may or may not be one of those recruits. "I get asked that question a lot of when I think I will make my college decision. The day I wake up and 100% sure that is the school i want to attend will be the day i decide, no matter when that time is."

Williams' strength and power are two of his better traits on the field. "There are not many offensive linemen that can block me and I use my power to get sacks." Vontrell is looking to improve his leadership skills. "This is my time to be a leader and I want to continue the tradition that Mt. Carmel has for producing leaders." Top Stories