Meet The Candidates (Part 3)

Today is part 3 of the review of candidates for the Georgia Tech head basketball coach opening.

Part 1 can be found HERE and part 2 can be found HERE. As is the case with the first 2 installments, these lists are intended to do a broad canvassing of persons that might be candidates and to handicap their chances at the job.

Name: Kevin Stallings
Position: Head Coach – Vanderbilt
Biographical Link
Record at current job: ( 236–146, 93–99 SEC)
Record at all jobs: ( 358–209, 93–99 SEC, 75–33 MVC)
Likelihood of hire: Medium. This name will not likely elicit much excitement from GT fans initially. Stallings, 50 years old, is three years older than the departed Coach Paul Hewitt. Tech fans have a general disgust for all things SEC but would make exceptions for the right person. Someone with a losing record in the conference over 12 seasons may not fit that bill. But if you look closer Stallings record over the last five years is a much better reflection. At 49-31 in the SEC over the last five seasons and 4 out of 5 seasons being in the NCAA tournament that is something Tech fans would love to be able to experience. Hewitt had but one winning season in the ACC in the 11 years he coached the Yellow Jackets with a 9-7 record in the 2003-2004 season that ended in the national championship game. Stallings is also associated with an important name in the Tech coaching search. Eddie Fogler, who is working with Tech to find the next coach, is known for coaching at South Carolina but he also coached Vanderbilt from 1989-1993.

Name: Anthony Grant
Position: Head Coach – Alabama
Biographical Link
Record at current job: (38-26, 19-14 SEC)
Record at all jobs: (114-51, 45-9 Colonial, 19-14 SEC)
Likelihood of hire: Low. Grant would be another fantastic choice. He's won at both of his stops and has shown himself to have great potential. And, he is coaching in a location that is not exactly known for basketball. Alabama has had some success on the hardwood. But, when was the last time you heard anyone talking about them in the national spotlight? Well, the last time I remember it was because of Wimp Sanderson's plaid jackets. Still, his compensation package is substantial. His contract with Bama is worth a reported $1.8MM a year. And while that number is likely to be within the GT budget, you wonder how much more it would take to incent him to move and whether or not GT is willing to put up that much additional money (and please note the difference between "willing to pay" and "able to pay"). Furthermore, he's only been in Tuscaloosa for 2 years after only 3 years at VCU. Just how many moves is he willing to make in a short time is an open question.

Name: Donnie Tyndall
Position: Head Coach – Morehead State University
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Record at current job: (95-69, 60-34 Ohio Valley)
Record at all jobs: (125-70, 60-34 Ohio Valley)
Likelihood of hire: Medium. The 40 year old Tyndall is an up-and-comer. He has Morehead State in the NCAA tournament for the second time in three years. As a #13 seed, they'll square off against #4 Louisville in this year's tournament. Tyndall's team is solid statistically by being 53rd nationally in rebounding and 65th in field goal percentage. Not bad for a mid-major. After now getting Morehead State on the map, it could be a good time for Tyndall to strike while it's hot and use his success as a stepping stone to a more prominent program. In the end though the search committee may be looking for more experience but Tyndall's career is off to a great start and he'll be coaching in a major conference at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Name: Scott Drew
Position: Head Coach – Baylor
Biographical Link
Record at current job: (127-115, 44-84 Big 12)
Record at all jobs: (146-126, 44-84 Big 12, 12-2 Mid Continent)
Likelihood of hire: Low. Drew has done a wonderful job at Baylor – taking a situation that was downright bizarre(remember the murder of Patrick Dennehy by his former teammate plus Coach Dave Bliss' plan to make Dennehy look like a drug dealer?) and turning the program around. But, the NCAA came snooping around this past fall and has been looking at Drew for recruiting violations. If there's one thing GT folks pride themselves on (for better or for worse), it's a squeaky clean image. That is very important to the administration and the fanbase. I can't seeing Drew and the rumors swirling around him passing muster . Additionally, while Drew certainly inherited a very tough situation at Baylor, his record at Baylor is only so-so. Even though Baylor is not exactly a high-profile team even within the Big 12, you do have to question why he only has 2 winning seasons within the conference to date (in 8 seasons). Last, Drew has few east coast and southeastern connections and that means he would be starting fresh from a recruiting perspective.

Name: Gregg Marshall
Position: Head Coach – Wichita State
Biographical Link
Record at current job: (77-54, 38-34 Missouri Valley)
Record at all jobs: (271-137, 38-34 Missouri Valley, 104-24 Big South)
Likelihood of hire: Medium. Marshall turned around a Wichita State program – taking them to NIT in both of the last 2 seasons after inheriting a program that hadn't been to the post-season since 2006. Marshall arrived at Wichita State from Winthrop where he had been coach for 9 years – with 7 NCAA appearances. Marshall has had stints in the southeast as an assistant at both Marshall and College of Charleston and he is also a native of Greenwood, SC. Finances and buyouts would not be an issue for Marshall coming from Wichita State. Marshall is also in his late 40's. The biggest concern would be that he is a relative unknown and may not bring the energy to Georgia Tech that the administration is looking for. Oklahoma and Arkansas are both in close proximity to Wichita State and may beinterested in Marshall as well.
One note of irony of interest to Georgia Tech fans: Marshall accepted an offer to coach the College of Charleston in June, 2006 but changed his mind after the press conference introducing him as coach and returned to Winthrop. Many compared this decision to Bobby Cremins' decision to leave Georgia Tech in 1993 for the University of South Carolina, only to change his mind and return to Georgia Tech. In an ironic twist of fate, the College of Charleston eventually hired Bobby Cremins as the new coach.

Name: Chris Collins
Position: Associate Head Coach – Duke
Biographical Link
Record at current job: N/A
Record at all jobs: N/A
Likelihood of hire: Low. Obviously Collins has been taught by one of the best in legendary ACC coach Mike Krzyzewski. He knows the ACC and he knows recruiting having been instrumental in the recruitment of players like Jon Scheyer. The biggest problem though is that Tech is looking for an experienced hire and Tech will not likely be a starting point for an assistant even one as promising as Collins. Additionally, one look at the Coach K "coaching tree" and its hard to find a former Coach K player that has done well. Top Stories