Pearson Keeping In Contact With Jackets

Raleigh, North Carolina running back Dolphus Pearson made a recent trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech for their Junior Day. The interest from Georgia Tech will continue when Georgia Tech defensive line coach Andy McCollum visits his school next month.

Dolphus Pearson has kept in touch with McCollum since his visit to GT. "He said that he will be making his swing through North Carolina in early April and for me to look for him then." McCollum will be talking to Pearson and his high school coach on the trip.

The trip may lead to a verbal offer for Pearson. "He said he wanted to lay things out on the table and to talk to my coach about everything they had on me." The offer may come if everything goes as they think it will.

In addition to his contact with Georgia Tech, Pearson has been talking to three other schools. "I have spoken to Wake Forest, North Carolina State, and Florida State and they have all started to recruit me pretty hard." Pearson feels that Georgia Tech, Florida State, and North Carolina State are the schools that are recruiting him the hardest.

Pearson has already received a visit from North Carolina State and expects them to be making another visit to see him. Dolphus also has plans to make a few visits this spring. "I plan on going to Wake Forest on April 24th and I'd like to go to Georgia Tech but I'm not sure if I can make it since their spring game is on the 23rd."

All the schools recruiting Pearson like him as a fullback or B Back as it is called in the Georgia Tech terminology. "I realize that in Georgia Tech's offense the B Back gets it on the dive, the pitch, and can catch the ball out of the backfield, and that is what is appealing to me about playing that position." Top Stories