Brian Gregory Visits The Royal Family

They met…Brian Gregory, Julian Royal, and Charles Royal, his dad, who has helped co-ordinate his recruiting. It could be an important chapter as the new Georgia Tech coach begins building his reputation at the Flats.

Coach Brian Gregory and the Royals met for about two hours Tuesday evening. "I'd say it went well, said Charles." The two parties covered a lot of ground in the two hours they were together. "Coach Gregory assured us he wants Julian to be part of the program and he was genuine in his comments and clearly made Julian a priority of his schedule by his visit."

Coach Gregory has not had the opportunity to see Julian Royal play in person but he has seen video of Julian.

The chances of Julian playing for Georgia Tech look very good but a final decision has not been reached. "Coach asked Julian to think about what was said before he makes a final decision."

Charles feels as though he knows what Julian's decision will be. "His chances of going there are still very good … there's a really slight chance anything else might occur. "Given what the school offers… that's very important to Julian and that remains unchanged."

The two parties will talk again soon. "We'll talk again with Coach Gregory in a few days."

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for the Royals with Julian's high school team losing in the state finals and the coaching change at Georgia Tech. "We don't expect Coach Gregory to make up in a few days for the four to five years we spent being recruited by Coach (Paul) Hewitt."

These have not been the only distractions for the Royals. "We've had more than a few calls from third parties saying they represent certain schools and asking if Julian might consider a move given the coaching change." Charles considers all that interesting and another chapter in the recruitment of his son. Top Stories