Deon Bush Wants To Be Early Contributor

Columbus High School, Miami, Florida cornerback Deon Bush is hearing from schools around the country. Last week Deon made the trip to Atlanta to see Georgia Tech.

The trip to Atlanta was a good one for Deon Bush. "I had a chance to talk with the coaches and see some of the campus. I got a good feel of how their secondary works and how they work their players." Bush also had a chance to talk with secondary coach Charles Kelly. "My impression of him is that he is a very cool guy that knows his defense. I liked what I saw."

The visit turned out to be what Bush had expected. "It was pretty much everything I thought it would be and I really enjoyed my time there."

What position would Bush play if he selects Tech? "They told me that they want me as a cornerback and that is the position I feel is best for me."

Bush has received twenty one verbal offers including one from Georgia Tech.

A return trip to Atlanta is something that Bush has thought about but he won't be doing so ths spring. "I'd like to but it will have to be in the summer if I do."

Bush doesn't have any plans to attend summer camps. "I want to spend as much time this year helping my team. We will do a lot of work to be the best out there."

Holding twenty one offers, Bush is in no hurry to pare the list down. "Every one is on a level playing field. I am very wide open at this time."

School location will not enter into Deon's decision when choosing a school. "To be honest that that really isn't something that is important to me. I want to go to a school I feel is right for me no matter where it is located."

The one thing Deon will be looking at will be the depth chart. "I want to get playing time and play early. I know you have to earn it but I do want to be able to contribute early in college." Bush will also be looking for a successful program. Top Stories