Mark Irick Making The Rounds

Saint Mathews, South Carolina wide receiver Mark Irick was a visitor for Georgia Tech‘s scrimmage this past Saturday. Irick talked about making a return visit and what his role could be in the Tech offense.

Mark Irick enjoyed what he saw from the scrimmage. "The defense was dominating the scrimmage but as it went on the offense started taking charge and doing their own dominating."

Following the scrimmage, Irick had a chance to talk to some of the coaches. I talked with most all of them except for Coach (Todd) Spencer. I talked with Coach (Buzz) Preston a lot." Irick talked with Preston about being a receiver in the Georgia Tech offense. "He told me that if I really worked hard that this offense was one that allowed receivers to put up huge numbers. We also talked about route running and how they like physical receivers that can and will block."

Mark could see himself playing in the Tech offense. "They've proved that a wide receiver can do well in the offense. I definitely can see myself in this offense."

Irick didn't pickup an offer on the visit but hopes to earn that offer at Georgia Tech's summer camp. "I plan on coming back in June for their camp and I should be looking at getting one then. The coaches want to see me in action."

Kentucky is the only school that has offered Irick thus far. "I am hearing from Clemson and North Carolina State and I plan on going to Clemson this summer."

Irick is not ready to name any favorites but he likes what he sees from Georgia Tech. "I am just getting to know a lot of the schools."

In selecting a school, Mark will be looking for a school with a good mechanical engineering program. "We talked about that at Georgia Tech and they told me that I could take classes for two years before making a decision on which engineering major I want. Mark will also be looking at the coaching staffs at each school.

Irick will be looking to make a decision before the start of his senior year. "I plan on using this summer to get a lot of information to make a sound choice." Top Stories