Spring Practice Report Card: TE's

Ryan Bass grades spring practice position by position, today he looks at the tight ends.

Tight End:

Depth Chart: J.P. Foschi, George Cooper, Gavin Tarquinio, Cory Wallace

It appears that the Tight Ends could have more of a presence in the offense this year as compared to past years. We have two quality players capable of becoming nice offensive weapons. Both J.P. Foschi and highly regarded redshirt freshman George Cooper had solid springs.

We knew going in what Foshci was capable of. He is a solid blocker and a guy that is good at finding openings in the defensive backfield when given the opportunity. Coaches let him and Cooper loose more this spring and the results were very good.

Cooper is slightly taller and thinner than Foschi and may even be a better receiving weapon than Foschi. He has good speed for a tall guy and presents a tough match up for smaller defensive backs or slower linebackers that have the size to deal with him. Once he increases his strength, he could be a future star. I was pleased with their performances this spring.

Darius Williams, who has struggled to find playing time at TE over his first three years in the programs, was moved to DE. This move was made possible by the good play of Foschi & Cooper. After those two, nobody made any real significant contributions. I can't remember Gavin Tarquinio playing much, if at all.

Cory Wallace and other walk-ons saw some snaps on third team but likely won't be much of a factor this season unless we are hit hard by injuries. I'd like to see some stronger depth but our first two Ends are good football players.

Grade: B

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