Georgia Tech Moving Up Manley's List

Milton High School (Georgia) defensive lineman Josh Manley was a return visitor to Georgia Tech Saturday to watch them scrimmage. Josh came away very impressed and liked it much more than his first spring practice visit. Josh talked about the scrimmage and gave us his top three.

Josh Manley liked what he saw at the scrimmage Saturday. "This scrimmage had more physical play and was more balanced than the last one. The offense and defense both had their moments and nobody really dominated the other for the entire scrimmage. I really loved the physicality of the scrimmage this time around. The players were getting after it and doing what the coaches were telling them. It was a great scrimmage."

The latest visit has helped Georgia Tech to look better in Manley's eyes. "Georgia Tech is really moving up my list of schools. They have everything I am looking for in a school; great academics, great support for the players, and a great football program."

Following the scrimmage, Manley had a chance to spend some time with the coaches. "Coach (Andy) McCollum was very excited to see me back. I talked with Coach (Lamar) Owens and Coach McCollum and let them know what my coaches have planned for me in high school."

Manley will be playing both sides of the ball this season for Milton. "I will playing on the defensive line, the offensive line, and I will get some reps at tight end and fullback. Both of them really liked that and told me that they are really wanting me at Tech."

Josh also spent some time with Coach (Paul) Johnson. "He told me about the Georgia Tech way of doing things. He said they give the players a lot of support if and when they need it but they also have a tough love system. They will get in your face to give you a kick start so you start taking care of your business. I like that. Sometimes that is the only way you can get your point across to a player. Johnson's talk showed Manley what kind of school Tech is and that moved Tech up his list.

Stanford was Manley's top school when we last talked and that has not changed. "I basically have three teams I like the best. Stanford is number one with Auburn at number two and Georgia Tech at three but they are making a move in my eyes.

Manley does not have plans for any more visits this spring. "If I do go anywhere it probably will be back to see the spring game at Georgia Tech." Also, as the summer gets closer, Josh will begin making plans to attend camps.

Location will not be a major factor when the time comes for Josh to make his college choice. "While it would be great to stay closer to home, I don't have a problem going out of state. I just want to go to a school that has everything I want and that starts with academics." Top Stories